Dashboard duplication

I need to duplicate a complex dashboard several times. After reading some of the online advice, I tried to do it using “projects” with no success; I’m getting the following error message: “Ooops! Cannot process your request. Error 400 (cannot create more projects)”.
Can anyone help?

You appear to use a free account are you?
IMHO projects are not available to these kind of accounts.
I hope that the solution coming next weeks will be available at least partially for free users as well, but i would also understand if not. Free lunch rarely has got caviar on the menu.

Thanks for your prompt reply, I’m NOT a free user and i am paying for the cloud service, View below receipt and advise on how to proceed.

Hi @gideon, this is an old subscription that we maintain for compatibility reasons. This subscription still includes everything available at its moment, plus some newer features that are included to the free tier. However, most of the business features like assets types, file storage, projects, plugins, etc., and all de administration stuff is only available in private or on-premise instances (https://pricing.thinger.io).

Regarding the question on this topic, It will be available a way in the community tier to create templates for your dashboards. So, it will be available for everyone, at mid October at most :wink:

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Thanks for the prompt reply; I will consider upgrading my account upon gathering some more experience using your services.

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