Dashboard duplication

I need to duplicate a complex dashboard several times. After reading some of the online advice, I tried to do it using “projects” with no success; I’m getting the following error message: “Ooops! Cannot process your request. Error 400 (cannot create more projects)”.
Can anyone help?

You appear to use a free account are you?
IMHO projects are not available to these kind of accounts.
I hope that the solution coming next weeks will be available at least partially for free users as well, but i would also understand if not. Free lunch rarely has got caviar on the menu.

Thanks for your prompt reply, I’m NOT a free user and i am paying for the cloud service, View below receipt and advise on how to proceed.

Hi @gideon, this is an old subscription that we maintain for compatibility reasons. This subscription still includes everything available at its moment, plus some newer features that are included to the free tier. However, most of the business features like assets types, file storage, projects, plugins, etc., and all de administration stuff is only available in private or on-premise instances (https://pricing.thinger.io).

Regarding the question on this topic, It will be available a way in the community tier to create templates for your dashboards. So, it will be available for everyone, at mid October at most :wink:

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Thanks for the prompt reply; I will consider upgrading my account upon gathering some more experience using your services.

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Hi, any update concerning the ability to duplicate a dashboard?


I am like you Gideon, I wait and hope to get good news before Sta Claus…

Hi, what about having a single dashboard, and being able to switch between the sources defined in it? i.e., switch the source device, buckets, …? An example of dashboard with two data sources: a device and a bucket. Note the selectors on top (they are generated dynamically based on the resources configured on widgets):

The advantage against cloning the dashboard is that it allows to edit or tune the dashboard once, specially useful for large deployments with dozens or hundreds of buckets, devices…, so, it is not necessary to clone the dashboard over and over again for updates, new resources, etc. What do you think?

Hi Alvaro,
that is indeed a good idea for your key accounts, having many, many devices.
Personally I would have preferred the possibility of duplicating dashboards between accounts.
E.g. upon dumping the settings of a given dashboard onto a JSON file and providing the a ability to upload from that file onto any new account, so I could get new parties involved with the least effort.

But I can understand, if it is not your business focus.

Ok, it is not a problem also to include a section fo freely copy/edit the dashboard! Will look into it :wink:

HI @gideon, did you take a look to the updated server version?

Hi @rin6763, next release (this week) will add support for viewing and editing dashboard config, so you can just copy&paste to other dashboards:

Moreover, it will include support for tabs! What do you think?


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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Also, If you would like to get a bit more “industrial”, vertical bar graphs would have been a must.
Tank levels don’t run from left to right :rofl:

Hi @alvarolb and everyone, good news for us that you are updating the Dashboards. I started to use the premium account for 29euro/month for a business project, and I’m really enjoying it… but every day I’m discovering a few things that can be very helpful for a project like mine, of 50 devices!
I have a few questions and a few suggestion… If you like to have a look and take in consideration to integrate would be amazing non only for me I think.

  1. I’m struggling with the dashboard every time I try to modify something… like cloning a few widget and changing the source… it crash and doesn’t work… i have to close and open my domain again. Is this because of my account of 1 CPU and 1 GB ram?? or because I’m streaming data by device (on refresh mode) and it’s very busy…? or something else?

  2. Having many device sometimes requires me to list them by name, but I can’t do it… also for buckets and dashboards… do you think would be possible to update this?

  3. Creating a unique dashboard, and want to insert many widgets dividing the space for different devices, at some point… going down, there was no more space… i couldn’t scroll down any more… I thought it was “unlimited” scrolling and adding. So I had to reduce the dimension of widgets to fit everything… Am I wrong? probably yes…

  4. On the description of the widget I’m used to insert the id/name of the device, so I I have the same widget ex. Temperature, i make sure I’m watching the right data, but every time i have to have a look to the name of the device and write it manually every time… I think it will be helpful if we can call a propriety of the device on the widget parameters (like name or ID indeed…).

Sorry for my many requests, hope they can be helpfull for everyone… with this post i don’t want to be annoying, but this are really a few thing that will help and accelerate the job when you are setting down your project…

Best regards…

And please everyone if I’m missing something let me know, and also let me know what you think about this, and if it can be helpful also for you…

Please find attached an example of my dashboard (sorry i had to brutally cancel the descriptions of device names, for business policy… :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

Forgot one: :grimacing:
5. In the Time Series Chart widget I would like to set the axis values at least on the Y… like minimum and max to show and also the divisions…


New version already available @rin67630 @sistralsrl: 2.9.7

Thanks for your feedback @sistralsrl, and thank you very much for using a private cloud instance :slight_smile:

  1. If it is crashing it may be related with your computer and browser. Dashbaords settings and configuration does not depend on your instance size, as everything is handled by your browser. What browser are you using? OS? RAM? Do you have any device sending at a high report interval?
  2. Not sure if I understand you, as all lists and selectors for devices can handle search by identifier. Do you mean using the name field instead of its id for searching and listing?
  3. The last 2.9.7 version allows handling 3 times more widgets vertically. Hope it is enough :wink: If you are creating very large dashboards it could explain also point 1. How many widgets do you have?
  4. A placeholder for the data source? Uhm, will look into it!
  5. Will look into it also, but we have an ongoing rework to support much more widgets and make it much more customizable (it should answer @rin67630 comment about vertical bars).


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Thank you @alvarolb ! that’s amazing! very glad to interact with you and community and make feedback for improvements!!

Quinck reply of my points:

  1. Using win10 and chrome 12gb ram… probably you are right it was a browser problem because it’s not happening anymore. But actually, I was streaming to dashboard a lot of device “stream by device” with like 5 widgets / each! maybe that was the problem, I changed the source of widgets from the bucket that is recording every 1 hour so now is more quiet… maybe that was the problem…

  2. listing the device I mean by name, or by connected/disconnected so in the generic list I can see all the device listed by name, so it easy to find it when you have many devices

  3. That’s what I was looking for… indeed just tried and it goes down further… also the tab menu allows me to split the devices, so I don’t have to put every device in one dashboard!

  4. It would be amazing. so like the “units” for the widgets, we can see the data source (just device is ok, because sometimes you clone a widget and make changes on source when you double-check on the main view, you can see directly the device so you don’t need to open the settings of each widget!

  5. Please don’t forget the " - " for negative values on API in the app! :laughing:

thank you for your work!

Thank you very much for being so reactive!
I appreciate the template approach, it is awesome to use a same dashboard on different devices.
I have however not really understood the concept behind switching the buckets.
If am using several buckets with different structures and contents, how could I swap them in the dashboard?
I did not really understand, what you meant here…

@rin67630 the point on the data bucket in a template is the same as selecting a device. If you create a dashboard with template enabled, it will expect that you select a data bucket with the same structure than the original one that you used to configure the dash. It happens right now with devices, if you select a device with a different interface, the widgets will not work properly. We have to do some work here to only allow selecting devices/buckets of the same time than the original one.

At this moment it is useful if you have a Project created with homogeneous data buckets, as you will be allowed to select only those buckets inside the project. Not sure if it answer your question?