Platform Version 2.9.6

Date: 28/10/2020
Component: Cloud Platform

Additional Information

[2.9.6] - 2020-10-28


  • Add (BETA) support for “template” dashboards, which allows switching resources (devices/buckets) directly from the dashboard.
  • Add template settings in dashboards.


  • Improve UI by adding icon according to its type to resource selectors.
  • Improve messages in dashboard when the device is not available.


  • Fix JSON validation problem when creating tokens under some circumstances (i.e., from Dashboard with device properties) (thanks rin67631).

Prior to 2.9.6, it was released a new version with minor fixes:

[2.9.5] - 2020-10-15


  • Change device credentials not working properly (thanks rin67630).
  • Map size on load.
  • Remove plugin problem.
  • Removing user account did correctly clean all user plugins.
  • Bug with passwords being too long


  • Disable console being embedded into an iframe for security reasons (Clickjacking)