Platform Version 2.9.7

Date: 09/11/2020
Component: Cloud Platform
Release Note:

Additional Information

[2.9.7] - 2020-11-09


  • Add dashboard ‘Developer’ tab in settings showing source config, so users can share, copy, or edit dashboards from editor.
  • Add dashboard tabs, so, one dashboard can contain multiple tabs with different names and icons.
  • Add dashboard widget: push button (on only while it is pressed).
  • Add support for nested values on endpoint templates, i.e., {{}} {{location.lng}}
  • Add role field in accounts list showing: Admin, Developer, and Project Member.
  • Add icon color on progressbar widget.
  • Add inner icon size for button widgets.
  • Add full screen mode for properties editor.
  • Add brand config for show/hide support links and server version.


  • Dashboards settings are split on three different tabs.
  • Map widgets loading & initialization, now using vector maps instead of raster.
  • Disable popup exit when clicking outside, (i.e), when editing a property.
  • Font Awesome icons can be defined now as ‘fas fa-…’ to allow other styles (i.e. regular icons ‘far fa-…’).
  • Led indicator colors now works with boolean values (as 0, 1) (thanks rin67630).
  • Property list does not wrap source or time. Improved mobile view.
  • Tachometer widget now appears correctly centered inside widget.


  • Bottom shadow on button widget.


  • Updated server Docker base image to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Updated SSL version to 1.1.1h
  • Updated C++ Boost library to 1.74.0
  • Updated MongoDB to mongoc 1.17.1 and mongocxx 3.6.0
  • Reduce Docker image size: ~6MB

The developer tab is fantastic!
I just copied the “developer” content to an editor, bulk-edited the user and the device, uploaded into the “developer” content of the other account and saved myself two hours of boring stupid copy work!
I got 96 widgets copied in one shot!
Well done, Alvaro!



Great it works well for yuur use case @rin67630, thanks for the feedback! :wink: