Can we access bucket data via REST calls?

Can we access or download bucket data in csv, using other methods(preferably rest) than e-mail?

I’ve asked similar question month ago. You need some reverse engineering, but it’s possible… :wink:

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I’d tried the GET request, and was able to retreive data from the REST client. Meanwhile, I could not get data more than 200 items. And I have no idea how to get more data from my bucket, or specific data from define date…Would be gladly appreciate if someone can point out the query string parameters:

I’m looking a way to get the data in the buckets, instead of download from the email. It’s kind of inconvenient to get hold/control/view all the data logged… :frowning:

Hello all,
Is there any clear guide on how we can read bucket data in JSON (or other format) using GET request and access tokens using e.g. Python?
Thank you in advance,

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