Is there any way to export data from buckets other than e-mails?

I want to better integrate with my solution. So I need to share bucket data with other services. Is there any alternative to export bucket data other than receiving a download link by e-mail?


some alternatives that we can develop here:

  • Be able to configure a callback in the export process, so it is called once the download link is available
  • Store the latest download links and be able to query them
  • Other tricky solution could be to redirect the export query directly to the download link (if the dataset is small).

Which one fits in your development?

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Hi @alvarolb,

Thx for answering and sorry for the delay, I’m new at the forum and didn’t notice your reply.

I liked the first two options. This way I would be able to select the datasets we can work with. These features are available on thinger? How can I work with it?

Searching through the forum I also found this thread:

Accessing buckets through REST calls would be good as well, but I have little experience with that. Do you have any examples or documents to help me understand this process better?

I’m wish to have a widget or a link to download the buckets! So that the user/client doesn’t need to login to the console/setting to download the bucket which sent via email.