Server API Documentation Status

When will the documentation for the Server API be complete. Also where can I check the API calls for Dashboards.

Hi @Rudens_Park, the API documentation is still in progress, it will take some time to complete the whole description (not sure how many). What do yo need for the dashboards? The current dashboards are simply openening websockets to the devices for plotting the information, or loading it from the buckets. If you need more info, you can open the developer tools in chrome, and see the API calls done by the Angular Client.


Hi, any news about Buckets API? I will be really happy to get bucket data from my own server… Anyhow…

Thank You! :slight_smile:

Hi, we need help writing the documentation… In the meantime, you can take a look to the queries done with the console, as it is a pure REST client using the server API. In example:


Hi @alvarolb

Thank you for this. I am writing some sort of diary/documentation for my own project that I could share once done.

I notice that in the screenshot the following parameters are provided.


  1. Are these the only possible parameters or are there others too?
  2. What sort of values do these accept? For example:
    a. is the parameter ts the UNIX epoch time in seconds/milliseconds?
    b. is there a way to sort either in ascending or descending order (by modifying the value of the parameter accordingly)

Additional feedback:
I believe that it would be very useful is we could request bucket data via entry index. E.g. request 150 items, starting with the entry #15.

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