Trying to read data bucket via URL - Solved

edit: the bucket Id needs be in the URL, NOT the bucket name as suggested below.

Hi I have data bucket which contains some valid data.
I am trying to read the data via url using the format:[USERNAME]/buckets/[BUCKET NAME]/data?items=1&max_ts=0&sort=desc&authorization=[AUTH TOKEN]
I have generated an access token for the data bucket and pasted it in [AUTH TOKEN]
I have put in my bucket name in [BUCKET NAME]
and my username in [USER NAME]
but I constantly get:

My url is similar to the one that is mentioned in this post:

I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong, I’m happy to share more info (tokens etc)
I also read this:

Any suggestions would be welcome


You need to allow the permission “Read Bucket” to the token, and must use the bucket id, instead the bucket name.

Hope this helps.