Is it possible to limit the ReadBucket API

When using an API to read the bucket (ReadBucket) it is possible to limit the number of records (ex: send only the last 300 records, without the user changing it to 500 or 1000?). And is it possible to limit the number of requests per day (ex: Only allow 5 requests per day in the API)?

My goal is to limit the amount of data provided and the amount of requests so that the misuse of the API does not overload the Server.
I’m afraid of opening the API to a client and he overloads the Server making 100 requests a day to get the last 1000 data from the bucket.

The example in the post below demonstrates how to use the ReadBucket API:
But, in this example, it is possible to change the number of records (items=1 to items=1000). And there is no limitation of requests for a certain period.