Trouble using Thinger and WiringPi to control LED

I posted this as a reply to another topic last week, but haven’t gotten any responses, so I’m going to try a new topic.

I’m trying to turn on an LED on a Raspberry Pi through Thinger with wiringPi. I got the Pi set up as a device following this guide:

I got the “sum” API working so I think the connection is good.
I also installed wiringPi and can make an LED blink with a simple c program, so I think it is properly installed. For whatever reason I can’t get the two to work together. I am trying to follow this post:

My problem is when I try to run it I get a bunch of “undefined reference” errors.

I did add -lwiringPi to the CMakeLists.txt.

I am new to all this so it’s probably something simple I’m missing, but I’d appreciate any pointers.