IoT Platform Version 2.9.8

Date : 03/02/2021
Component : IoT Cloud Platform

Additional Information

[2.9.8] - 2021-02-03


  • Initial support for columns sorting in all console lists (devices, buckets, dashboards, etc.)

  • Add support for configuring axis on chart widget

  • Add support for setting placeholders in widgets title and subtitles

  • Add support for showing last widget update


  • Forgot, login, change password and signup forms metadata for improved browser compatibility


  • Device tokens not opening under some circumstances
  • Email settings not being updated
  • Properties listing on types and groups (removed Source column)
  • Legacy PSON error while decoding uint64_t values


  • Upgrade nlohmann JSON to 3.9.1
  • Experimental support for IOTMP protocol on private instances that will allow:
    • Clients running on different languages (currently C++, Node.JS, web). Support needed for Python, Java, etc.
    • Resource Path Parameters
    • Custom return code for HTTP methods
    • Publish/Subscribe to MQTT topics
    • Listen to server events
    • Remote Shell on Linux
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Amazing job! you are doing very good guys!! keep going!

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I love it!


Just wonder if for plots it could have been a reduction of the server load to suppress the circles around the data points, if you have a lot of values to plot…

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In your plot example, you have selected “multiple axes”.
There is however only one data set for Y axis.
The result appears to be somewhat unusable, if the data ranges are very different.