Thinger AWS Server fails to start after adding email params in Config.json

I am running an AWS Thinger Server, and I tried including the email configurations as told in the server documentation on the website. After i had included the Email Parameters in the config.json file, I tried restarting the server to refresh the config file. But the server fails to restart.

Is there something that is being missed ? or Email configurations are still not supported on AWS System ?

After i remove the email configuration parameters, the server succeeds in restarting, and runs stably. I also checked to update the server on the AWS system, but it printed no updates as of this moment.

I’ve got the same problem few months ago. This thread may help you Email endpoint can’t send email in own vps, forgot password didn’t run

I tried working with a new configuration file example that is mentioned in the Docs. But it seems not to work. I dont have a local server, but an Amazon AWS EC2 running Thinger. I am wondering if there is anything more i need to do, in case of AWS…

I will also check once more if I have a malformed JSON File.
Thanks for the Thread Link.

Hi, can you post your config file, and… can you please enable the debug and check the generated logs?

Best regards.

Hello Alvarolb,
I have attached the file with this post.
I am doing the steps as per the documentation. (916 Bytes)