Support for STM32 with Sim800

Hi there community!
I would like to use Sim800 with a bluepill stm32. It is not difficult to establish a server or client with this board. However the arduino library seems to that does not support the bluepill.
Is there some library mod to work with? Or may I should use an arduino board?
Thanks in advance.


There is no support for this board, I would suggest you to switch to ESP32, as is supported by arduino platform, and our libraries are fully compatible with this uC.

Hope this helps.

Can I use ESP32 with GSM SIM800 to connect to
Are there any libraries for that??

Yes sure, the library has the support and example for the sim800.

Hope this helps.

Does it support OTA with Sim800 instead of WiFi??

It seems that it could be done the OTA by GSM, check this →