Raspberry Pi: Making and Executing Scripts

Hi everyone! I am somewhat new to coding, raspberrypi, and thinger, and am looking for an explanation of how to get from the point where my rpi has been connected to being able to execute code that allows me to read sensors/perform actions using my rpi over the thinger website.

It would also be great to see a very thorough example of how someone used rpi and thinger (after connecting their device) to do something basic like turn on a LED or sensor from the thinger webpage. Because I am new, the best possible tutorial would be one that does not skip and does not assume that I know much about the ins and outs of how these processes work.

If these resources are hard to find/make, pretty much anything that can get me going in the right direction is appreciated.

I have attempted to do this by modifying the main.cpp file according to some of the arduino tutorials which cause an LED to flash, but have been unsuccessful. I have also looked all through this forum and the internet for resources explaining how to do this. If I have missed something that has a complete explanation for rpi, it would be great to see this resource.

TL/DR I am looking for more explicit, beginner-friendly instructions that define how to do the “What’s Next” section of the post by @alvarolb seen here: Starting with the Raspberry Pi. It would be ideal if this tutorial could start at the very point when someone first connects their device and ending at the point when a sensor (or LED or something) is being controlled by the user through the thinger interface, explaining how to do all this as if I had no idea what was going on and including necessary code. Any resource that can help me get at all closer to a point where I understand how to do what I have described would be greatly appreciated.