Cant create a new device

First time user so sorry if I make very basic questions. I am unbale to create a new device. Got the following error: Ooops! Cannot process your request. Error 400 (Failed to match regex specified by ‘pattern’ constraint.)

I tried many times with different kind of text and I generated a radom key.

What I doing wrong?

Hi lantar, this seems to be a bug, try to create the device just by the ID name and credential.

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Ok Ega thanks for your reply. It is working with just the ID and credentials. I will connect my devices for begining to explore the tool. It would be nice if we could check the credential # on the devce manager tool.

Do you mean to see the actual device’s password?

Yes. After we create the random Device Credential it desapear from the Device Manager Tool.

Hi @lantar, the password is not available for security reasons. No password inside the database is stored in plain text, so we cannot provide the original password.