Write multiple lines of data to bucket from SD card


I have an ESP32 application where the WiFi connection is unstable, so I need to store data on an SD card (or EEPROM) once a minute, then upload this data (using write_bucket?) when the WiFi reconnects. Is there any way of writing multiple lines of data to a bucket at a time, or will I need to run write_bucket() at a faster rate than once a minute so that the system can catch up.

I have a Medium subscription, what is the fastest speed I can write to a bucket?



Currently no, you can’t send many lines in the same message, even you can store the information into a SD card but note that the timestamp for those messages, will be the one when those are upload, not when they got saved, I mean you can store data for a whole day, but when it upload it will put the timestamp when the data is uploaded, did I explained myself?

I guess you have no limitation speed in the medium instances, you may write as fast as all the hardware can, but of course is not recommended to do it if it is not strictly necessary.

Hope this helps.