Would you like to go from making "Things" to creating "Solutions" for real business clients?


Dennis here from AllSense IoT in Malaysia

Glad to be at Thinger and will run some instances through to see how the platform performs.

But in all these forums and platforms, I see everybody doing things with “things”:slight_smile:

What I don’t see is solutions being created from things for real-world application - maybe I’m just reading the wrong topics!

Anyway, we integrate systems for clients and if you want to step beyond the “things-as-a-hobby” into the “business” of IoT, please check out our new Free Video Series

"You are already an IoT Expert, You Just aren’t Paid for It Yet"

Free enrolment at https://allsense-iot.weebly.com/iot-expert-course.html

Can also join our FB Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AllSenseIoTExperts/

Hope to see you there