Widgets do not get data form bucket


I’m sending data form esp8266 to thinger. This part is working ok!
I also get data to bucket

The problem starts when I want to display the data on a widget!
Is there a trick to dysplay valeus? in the past I had no problems(~1 year ago)

If I select “from device resource” in the widget settings everithing works ok but when i refresh the page
the time series chart history is gone(starts from empty).

what does the window “source value” mean?

tnx in advance


It should not be a problem, how is the data stored into the bucket? Does it have a particular structure?


it is send by this code on the esp



This is how the widget let me configure it


This is the bucket


Try deleting the widget and trying to create again, it should show two options in “Source value”, as the uploaded image.

Let us know how it goes.