Widget to input time to send to edge device

Is there anyway to create a widget to input time to send to my edge device (arduino MKR)?

I know there’s way to pull info from edge devices with the device control options, but I don’t see a way to send data from an input on the dashboard.

Any help is appreciated!


Same question here :raised_hand:

Have you figured it out?

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The slider widget allows controlling a numeric state of a connected device, like setting a threshold, a target temperature, or any other internal device state that is likely to be controlled remotely. The device should expose a numeric input. The resource is then mapped to this widget, that can change the target value in real-time. If the input resource is defined properly implemented, this widget is also able to show the current device state.

@George_Santiago As I understand it, the slider only allows for numeric values, so for example 11:30 would be 11.5 in the slider. This might be a “reasonable” solution, but not ideal, especially when a dashboard is supposed to be used by a customer. Another problem is that I can’t define a timespan, e.g. 8 - 11:30. A “time-slider” with beginning and ending would be perfect.

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Another option would be to try using NodeRED to perform this task.