Widget shows last value with Sensor and ESP32 power OFF

I am using ESP32 with DHT11 to connect to Thinger.io, in dashboard i have configured a gauge configured to display temperature

Temperature is displaying, but when the ESP32 is powered OFF, the widget gauge still shows the last read value and is not going to zero.

i tried using out and send commands

please help me solve this

Would showing the last update value help?


Thank you for your reply,

I tried Switching ON show update, but still the same problem exist.

The gauge value shows last read value even after ESP32 power OFF, The value comes to zero only when the browser is refreshed.

Please let me know if you need any details.

I tried sending data using pson out, pson send, pson in. But all code having same issue.

Please help me out



If you provide a video or pictures it could help.


For what you want to achieve the value necesarily must be read from the cloud server (not from the device, as it needs to change after the device is not connected), I would update a property from the device and read the value at the dashboard from there, and by node red detect the connection state change and then trigger a flow that stablish the property to 0.

Hope this helps.

please tell me how to add a property from device

this is how i aam getting the property add tab, where the set the device to read value,


Here you may find the related documentation → DEVICES ADMINISTRATION - Thinger.io Documentation

Hope this helps.