Why does this trend not display normally?

I have created this time series widget, which only displays once I got to configuration and saves (without change).
Once it is on screen, it runs normally, even in the background.
But as soon as I leave the Web page, and return, I have to call configuration for the widget an save, elst the widget remains blank.

This unwanted behviour occurs on several browser types (Firefox, Safari, Edge identically.

Thank you for considering

Hi @rin67630, please, send me a PM with your user account.

Alvaro found the problem and will fix it in the new dashboard versions.
It comes from the y-axis min and max.
At some moment I did set the min-max values, and then cleared them.

This causes an issue in the console where the new limit is β€˜β€™ instead of a number.
Then, the chart does not manage it well and it starts filtering data and splines fails to compute with the few remaining points. After the spline fails, nothing is displayed on the chart.

Thank you Alvaro!

Meanwhile just reconfigure the time values widget and don’t touch the max-min values, and erase them later.

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