Why do data buckets still get data from the device when disconnecting

I had some problems with the dashboard and data buckets for a while.
The device status is disconnected and dashboard cannot use to control the device. (maybe an internet problem or something)

But the data bucket still gets data from the device as a normal period, (following from graph in pic below)

What happening and how to fix this?

Would need more information. It can be related to permissions. Is this a shared dashboard? a dashboard inside a project shared with a member?

Oh, this dashboard is a shared dashboard (it is unnecessary)

But when try to disable sharing, Seem like nothing happens.


Is this a project member profile? Can you check if using other user profile the dashboard behaves in the same way?

Thank for the answer
It’s not a project member profile. It’s just a basic project in my account. (other users cannot profile the dashboard)