What is your internet connction worth?

Many test their internet connection with test pages like Ookla.
It’s convenient and it gives out the transfer speed of your connection in one minute.
Yes, but…
ISPs have for a long time had servers in each nearby city, dedicated to these tests which take you full speed out just during the test, for example:

But my internet is still lagging and thinger.io loses contact.

That’s because real life is not just the last mile of your connection that makes it.
There is all the quality of the infrastructure behind it. And that one is often not pretty at all !
They want to sell you their fiber link, but it’s like putting a Koenigsegg engine in an ooold Peugeot 404 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: driving on bad roads in Somalia.

A much better test is given with https://packetstats.com/ which sends test packets around the world and measures the response.

You may want to test, just to see…

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Not too bad here:

What do you mean? Your devices are disconnected too often?

I dont’ complain about thinger.io.
I just give a tool to discover ISP problems, that may lead to disconnections on thinger.io.
I’d love to get your spanish ISP, here I have to deal with German Telekom…

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