What is the Thinger Cloud broker?

Hi thinger community

I was testing my free account, and I want to connect a MQTT device but information about broker is not available in documentatin, i foud and example witth acme.thinger.io but it seem to be invalid.

can you help me?

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You will not believe it: Thinger does not need any cloud MQTT broker.
You question is like someone asking where the the carburetor were on a Tesla!

A difference however: if you have a MQTT device and your favourite broker, you may additionally connect.
Like if you would drive your Tesla with a gasoline generator in the boot.

Thanks for the response, but my question is not so trivial.

When I try to connect a generic MQTT device, which information about the url and port for thinger Cloud platform I need to put in my device?


The information in documentation does not work, I suppose that my free account don’t have MQTT broker options enabled.

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The documentation is explicit:

Thnks so much…

I going tu buy an account for testing purpouses.

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