Weird values in dashboard

Refering to my question: Raspberry Pi code to send some custom parameters

The Rasperry Pi is sending zeros, but the dashboard is painting something wrong (values very close to zero, but that aren’t so) Look at the dashboard that I have:

Yesterdady it was working right, painting only zero values.

Are your sure your devices are sending zero values? Seems that are sending values close to zero, but not zero. look at the exponent ^-44 this is a very small number… Maybe it looks zero when you print it in your console. Check that is zero in your code by comparing the value with zero (value==0.0).

Yes. I’ve noticed the exponent and I know that the values are technically 0, but it happened to me yesterday. It is not happening anymore, without any code change, this is why I thought it could be a display issue and I can’t reproduce it anymore. Maybe the values read from the sensors were wrong at that time.

Let it be :slight_smile:. If it happens to me again I’ll try to document it.

Thank you!