Webcam mpeg stream (http) to bucket

Hello iam using motioneyeos on a raspberry pi.
this provite me a http stream.
Now i read that i can use this in a bucket.
Where can i find some kind of example for that?
i realy have no idea how to intergreate http in to a bucket.

is there realy nobody that can put me in the Wright direction?
or can tell me where i can read about http and buckets

I dont know if I understand what do you want,

But I guess that the http stream gives a video stream, and do you want to store it in a bucket?

yes that is what i want !

if it is possible i want to watch it on the dashboard.
but i have no idea how to start or where to look.
i did read some things about json but i found it difficult to understand.

thanks Admin for your Nice answer nothing at all
you do great.

Hi @MakkeLeon, you cannot store video streams on data buckets. Data buckets are just for store time series data. At most, you can display a real-time MJPEG video stream in a dashboard, as stated in documentation. But not store it.