Is it possible to send Image File to Thinger Platform

Is it possible to send an Image File using Thinger API to a Cloud/ Privately Hosted Thinger Server ?
I checked out the Mjpeg/ Image option, but I wanted to send an image data when requested by a user/ or automatically after an event was triggered.

Would love some thoughts @alvarolb

I could not find the syntax for pushing Image Data, or Image File. Plus I am not sure if Image Data can be stored in Buckets.

Thank You,

It is not possible (storage image), at most what you can do is display it in a dashboard, something like that was talked in this post.

Thank You @ega. I read most of the question about this issue in the forums. But the method of displaying an Image, which is currently in the documentation is an automatic interval based method. I wanted to know if there is anyother way to display an image, for example, when a PIR Sensor is triggered, the Image will be pushed and displayed on the Thinger Platform.

Since Telegram Bot API has a code which can send any type of data, I was wondering if Thinger also has such provision.