Web Socket too much Connection error

Hello Again,
I m working on a thing and I m controllig all pins with state switch and reading their value with text widgets.

Im getting the error :"WebSocket Error Arduino: too much connections for this device "

what kind of problem cause this error message.

edit : in API page every induvuduals runs without problem


This usually happens when you have more than two dashboards opened for the same device. If this is not your case, and you are designing your dashboard, opening it and closing it, going to the API, etc., it is probably that the browser is keeping the connections open and not closing it when leaving the page. I recommend you to fully close the browser and try it again after some seconds to be sure the server cleaned the connections. This is a current limitation of the BETA version to avoid overload the server with too many concurrent websocket connections.

Thanks for fast response. doing what you adviced now.

Ok! let me know if that works! :slightly_smiling:

it worked. Thanks…:+1: