Web Dashboard empty (no sufficient token? )


i managed to add DHT11 data into 2 buckets and show the 2 buckets on my dashboard.

the problem is that when i share this dashboard so it’s viewable on the web i obtain this result:

what am i doing wrong ? here are the current settings of my tokens

is the problem about “actions: any actions ?”
But the dashboard says that when you share for web viewing it sets the tokens automatically

please help.

Hi! anytime you add new resources to your dashboard (a bucket, or device), yo must disable and enable the sharing, so the permissions are updated automatically.

As stated in documentation:

Note: If you change your dashboards by adding new data sources (devices or buckets), it is necessary to disable an re-enable the dashboard sharing to update the authorization. It will not share new data sources automatically for security reasons.

Hope it helps!