Visual Studio Code for OTA Support?

It is not a clickbait topic… We have been working recently in a whole new plugin for the platform, that should open endless possibilities. Just to mention: Visual Studio Code! :star_struck: A full IDE on the cloud.

Some highlights

  • Full integration with Storages, so, it is easier to upload, download, and edit your document and codes.
  • It supports git, so you can clone a repo in an storage and start working in your code online.
  • It can run Platformio & Arduino frameworks in the cloud, so you can build your code in the cloud!
  • It supports docker management… so, you can run custom docker containers in your cloud.
  • It supports running a terminal over an storage, so you can host and update your debian repositories directly over thinger.
  • These are just some ideas… but there are endless possibilities

And… we are also developing and testing a custom VSCode extension to do remote OTA over ESP32, ESP8266 and some Arduinos! Directly over the connection. This extension will be available both for our Cloud IDE and for local Visual Studio Code installs :open_mouth:

What do you think!!??


Firmware uploading to ESP32 devices via Thinger platform with OTA would be a great feature. Remotely updating all the devices we manage will be an incredible benefit.
I look forward this update. :clap: :clap: :clap: