Video Livestream in Dashboard

Hello everyone

I want to livestream a video recording of a camera connected to my Raspberry Pi 3 in the dashboard of the

I saw a widget in the dashboard named “Image/MJPEG” used for that, but the settings asks for an URL.

Is there a way to create an URL of a livestream video of my camera AND link it to Or an easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Jose Alvarado

Hi, try to install a MJPEG server in your Raspberry Pi (sure there are tutorials in the Internet for that). This will provide you with an URL that you can directly include in the widget. Hope it helps! :wink:

What if i uses standard DVR to connect to CCTV, is there another step to connect to thinger platform?

A DVR digitize the CCTV video signal both for live streaming and store the information in hard disk drives in a digital format. So, it is necessary to know the model and its features, to see if they can provide a standard MJPEG video signal. Then it would be necessary to include the URL in a dashboard.