Variable Network Credentials

Hi everyone. I am working on a project where I would like to send a device to someone else and allow them to connect to my account using their network SSID and Password. My attempt at making network credentials variable has failed (code works in other non-Thinger applications) and I’m wondering if this is even possible (or allowed). If so, is there a best practice for doing so?


you can use ThingerWebConfig library to do your task. It is as easy as Wifi Manager to select listed access point available, thinger username, device name, and credentials.

Just add on the code :

#include <ThingerWebConfig.h>

ThingerWebConfig thing;
void setup() {

(your setup code here)

thing.clean_credentials(); //this is optional if you want user to fill wifi credentials every device restarted.

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You can use the example “ESP8266SmartConfig” of the thinger’s library.

In that example is hard coded in the sketch your user, the device and its password, and you need to set up just WiFi credentials (SSID and Password).

I think this method is more friendly for an end user, and mitigate the risk of a mistake from user’s side with thinger’s credentials.

Hope this helps.

Thanks guys. I couldn’t get the examples to work, but I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong and got my sketch to work.

Hi, I’m curious

How did you do that? did you put more than one wifi credentials in one sketch?