Using Device call endpoint

I am using Thinger platform for quite some time now. I am very excited to see a new type of endpoint has been added to the platform “ Device call” which convey by name that could be used to integrate with devices of other users with the help of device tokens.
Can someone help me figure out what does calling a resource mean in this context?

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Hi @ymgupta this is an experimental feature that we are testing right now. It will be documented soon. The idea is that any device can call an endpoint of this type to make a call to any other device resource, so they can activate a remote thing, send values to other devices, etc. Basically it allows communication between devices of different accounts. For communicating devices in the same account, there will be another implementation much more efficient and efficient, which will not require create a token.

Thanks for your comments.

Yes. I understand. To be more specific, what would it be like to “call a resource” ?
May i ask for an example of how that works out?

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Hy ymgupta!
yesterday I wrote a little tutorial of how to use thinger device call endpoint, with a complete example, you can read it here: