Using Google assistant to read Temperature data from NodeMCU

Hi All,

I was able to Integrate Google Assistant to turn on light via IFTTT successfully. I am now wondering if there is a way to get temperature data using google assistant.
For ex : If I try ‘OK Google , what is the temperature in my living room’ , Google assistant would then read out the temperature. I would like to configure such that , Thinger will read the data from my sensor and feed it back to google assistant somehow.
Is this possible?



how to that, i try but fail, please help me, how to triger nodemcu relay with google asist

Hello @faheem,

I think that is going to be easier using Dialogflow, here you can find a video-tutorial from Google Developers

Hope it helps! Please tell us your progress

Did you solve it?

Hello all,

Currently you can do it using the Node-RED plugin, however, still thinking that DialogFlow is going to be the best, and more scalable solution for this implementation. What are you thinking it for, @gilmoth ?