Using favicon icon


I’m new to Thinger.

Have got a NodeMCU 8266 working with thinger.

I have a plain button on my dashboard for turning the inbuilt LED on/off.

I’d like to use a dynamic favicon icon (as shown in the thinger dash board example) but can’t find any examples, or links.

If you know how, can you let me know.



can’t understand you, can send screenshots please?

On my dashboard I have an LED control button which ?I have coloured dark blue for off and light blue for on:-


The settings are as follows:-

What I would like to use is a favicon icon for the button as per the dashboard documentation:-

Would like to understand how to use favicon icons.



Hi @pkdj, you can sett the power icon by setting fas fa-power-off in the icon field. Notice that it is not set in the configuration, as it is a placeholder as example. You can choose your icon from Font Awesome.

Hope it helps!