Using Arrays in thinger

is there any way to send array data to the platform?
lets say i collect realtime data, but of course i just want to report it periodically.

Hi @Rodrigo_Molina, yes, it is possible to use arrays. However, using arrays will limit you when using the device information, as practically all widget dashboards use single values. What is your specific use case?

Hi, I am trying to achieve this as well.
The idea is to collect data at specific intervals during device awake/sleep cycles, and when enough data is collected, power up the wifi module and send the whole array to thinger. Rinse and repeat.
Hoping to maximize battery lifetime with this technique.
Also I will be writing a custom PC app for data visualisation, so that I’m not limited to thinger’s widgets using single values.
Hope you can provide some links to documentation that can help me achieve this.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I tried going through the documentation and community for an answer on this. I am looking at uploading a 8x8 array into a bucket which I can later export to a server or better yet if Thinger comes out with the ability to add a custom widget I would like to add the data over to it.

Hi, i am trying a similiar thing. Did someone figure out how to do this?
Is it possible with the pson_array type?