Use the token address and receive data in version 3 of

How to send and receive json data in a rest api way
I used to use version 2 of the site
The following example:
Username and token token
I also received the following data
“out”: out
“Temperature”: 26,
“humidity”: 33

Now, in version 3 site, how can I use tokens such as the above address and receive data to json?

hello @andiot7617

you can show the query on the API inspector:

for example, in my device:

I’m getting the raw millis data

remember to create an access token or a device token as explained in the docu, because the authorization that is shown on the api inspector will expire in few minutes.


I have the same problem in v.3 with Resource Input.
Everything looks different.
I used v.2 api in mit app inventor and it worked correctly but in v.3 it dosent work.