Use/Enable Volume between NodeRed plugin and File Storages

Hello @jaimebs and @alvarolb

I’m increasingly using the NodeRed plugin on the Thinger Server. The possibilities are fantastic!

Would it be feasible to create a Volume between Docker (NodeRED) and File Storages (Host)?

I think the NodeRED Plugin could have an option that allows enabling the creation of a Volume or linking to an existing Volume in File Storages.

I think the possibilities are many:

  • Allow access to files (.html, .json, .docx…) inside the function node;
  • Ensure the persistence of files, after the NodeRED plugin container/docker is disabled and enabled;
  • Save encrypted files with Credentials on the Volume, instead of putting the credentials in NodeRED code;
  • Allow interaction and exchange of files between NodeREDs plugins of different users (in particular, files that store query information to be used in nodes [eg JSON file with email address, whatsapp, sms…], avoiding its duplication in each NodeRed plugin);
  • Allow NodeRED file exchange with other Thinger Plugins.
  • Allow installing the NodeRED plugin based on a pre-set configuration file (eg package.json) that is stored on the volume (so that the plugin is deployed with dependency, packages… installed)?

Insert option here:

What do you think?


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Uhm, it is something it can be worth to develop!

The Node-RED plugin already have a node for reading and writing to files on a file storage, but direct access to a file system (from a file storage) would open more possibilities.

Will think about that and will keep you updated!

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