Use API to push data


Hi there everyone.

I’m plannig to use a board “not-supported” into libraries, to collect data from sensors and then push it on thinger.

The idea is to use the API calls to push the data on the thinger server via HTTP requests.

The only thing that I don’t have understand very well is: is this possibile? So the data pushed will be collected directly in the bucket of the related device->resource?

Thanks for the help.


Hello @luigidnl,

Right now the integration of HTTP devices consist only in an API that can be used to directly send data to a bucket (a database), you can learn how to do this at the documentation: .

On the next Server release this part is going to change a little, providing HTTP_devices API, that will allows sending data to specific resources of the platform, not only to the Buckets.



Hi @jtrinc26,

I already use SigFox API with success, but of course I can’t manage very well the device as “is not directly connected” to the platform.

Can I ask when you preview HTTP devices API will be released on the platform?



Hello @luigidnl,

It will be released this September, we are polishing details of the implementation