Url http get method

Hi everyone, I’d like to send data to thinger.io by HTTP request without Postman but I’d create the url HTTP manually.

What is the complete url for example to send one or two values of temperature with get or post method?

REST API + ?authorization= + Token.............???

How does it display the temperature in the dashboard?
Thank you

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The get method allows you to retrieve information, to upload information by the api to the cloud server you need to use the post method and send the information in JSON format, that is the format that the server can parse for the post requests.

Check the api’s documentation —>Swagger UI

To show info in a dashboard, check this → DASHBOARDS - Thinger.io Documentation

Hope this helps.

Still failing trying to use a POST method. Ega I can create a tutorial if there is any other kind of documentation, Swagger it is not 100% friendly for people without web development experience maybe, or at least people like me.

I am deeply sorry that the swagger documentation does not fill your expectances, I would recommend you to dig into the http methods to understand them and understand the documentation better, I am not the one who writes the documentation, but I guess that is developed for who has a minimum knowledge related, for sure it would be a titanic task to write a documentation for general public, and I dont think that is the goal of the project’s developers.

Here is an example I made a long time ago in php, note that I am not a web developer and for sure it can be improved in many ways and has a lack of good practices, but maybe it can help you

Hope this helps.