Upgrade Account or connect more than 3 devices?

Hi there,

I learned to love thinger.io while experimenting with this service over the past weeks.

Now I’m working on a more complex project that spans over 9 devices but noticed that I can only add up to 3.

I couldn’t find a way to upgrade my account or remove that limit.

I’m willing to pay for an upgrade at reasonable price.

A workaround would be to create more accounts but that seems like cheating :slight_smile:

Any advice?



Hi @TomThats! Thanks for using the platform and for your kind words!!

We are working in an easy way for purchasing additional device connections, but meanwhile, you can request any additional device for 2$/year/device if you want. I think it does not worth cheating on that :wink: Let me know!

Hello, first of all … Congratulations on your amazing work, I’ve been using thinger since … 3 days … And I’m still impressed with the easy way of interacting with the devices.

How can I add additional devices? Is it self-managed? Or should I request in a specific way?

Sorry, I still do not know all the details of the web platform, this comment at the beginning is to congratulate the thinger.io team, but I take advantage of the ocassion and ask the questions :smiley:

Hi @alvarolb,

thank you for the quick reply
I would like to add 6 more devices to my account. so that I get 9 in total.

How do we continue?

I don’t need a receipt or anything, so how about I make donation of 20 $ and you just add those devices to my account?



Hi @TomThats! its ok for me :slight_smile: Let me know the user id of your account :wink:


Hi @ega! How many devices do you want? Just let me know, and I can enable them in the console at 2$/device/year. Do you need an invoice?


Hi @alvarolb,

you should have received a 20€ donation, (Transaction Code ending with *****480424J).

I have the same profile name and email as in this forum here.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Thanks @TomThats! You should have now the devices added in the console. Let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards!

Hi @albarolb, add me 2 or 3 devices, I can afford a $ 6 donation only :frowning: (for now :smiling_imp:), for testing purposes, whenever you want, there’s no hurry :wink:

Worked like a charm. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It should be ready @ega! Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

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Is there a bandwidth limit ? for each device or total ?

Hi @kanghan90, no at this moment, but it will eventually have a limit for free accounts, or a pay per use scheme if the bandwidth is high. Do you have a use case requiring so much bandwidth?

Hi Alvaro,

This is a really good question, because at the moment is not clear the path that this platform is going to evolute.
Is this going to be a full opensource platform? Will you publish the source code for the server side?
Is this going to be a fremium type, with free accounts and possibility to upgrade to paid accounts?

I think it would be a great value for this community if some of this points can be clarified.

I would like to have the server on my own raspberry, nevertheless, up to now I’m very happy with what you’ve been providing us, and for that I thank you.

Also I need to know max byte limit for each streaming. i am planing to stream data of finger print and square code

An extra buck for your quick response :wink:

Thanks for the help @ega! :wink:

@alvarolb Also interested in extra devices! And also keen to get @f616 s question answered. =) At the moment it’s hard to tell whether to invest in / rely on thinger.io or to build some custom solution.

For the moment, I’d like to donate a 20 bucks for 10 devices - if that is still ok?

Keep up the good work, I already love it! Would love it even more, if I could duplicate devices, buckets, and widgets, just to save me some time.

Hi @NotBot! It is ok! Thanks for the support!!

Done with Transaction Code 75K74020W3017141M =)