Update iOS and Android V4 - Buttons On/Off Dont Work


Good night sir,

Thank you in advance for reading this message.

I have been using the platform thinger for a few months now and I have been enjoying it a lot and it has worked spectacularly.

I updated to the new version 4.2 if memory does not fail me, but the buttons stopped working, I currently use buttons as activate and deactivate relays.

#define RELAY_RGB5 (MAX_TEMP_ADDR + 01)
#define RGB_PIN5 D5
EEPROM.get (RELAY_RGB5, rgb_state5);

digitalWrite (RGB_PIN5,! rgb_state5);
pinMode (RGB_PIN5, OUTPUT);

thing [“lampada_1”] << [] (pson & in) {
// Send value back to thinger
if (in.is_empty ()) {
in = rgb_state5;

console ("\ n \ nALTER LAMPAD1 TO 0:"); consoleln (rgb_state5);

else {
  // Update value
 rgb_state5 = (bool) in;
  EEPROM.write (RELAY_RGB5, rgb_state5);
  EEPROM.commit ();
  digitalWrite (RGB_PIN5,! rgb_state5);

console ("\ n \ nALTER LAMP 0 TO 1:"); consoleln (rgb_state5);



Any help is welcome, the buttons do not work.

Something important that I forgot to comment on is that on the dashboard the buttons continue to run normally.

I am sending a print of the open app and the dashboard.


Thank you

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Hi good night,

Is it necessary to make some syntax changes so that the buttons work in version 4.0 of the new application?

Thank you so much