Uno and ESP-01 as Wifi Device

Hey All,

Can anyone tell me if its possible to connect an Uno to thinger using an ESP-01?

I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading but have yet to find a consensus.

Edit: Reasoning behind this, I currently have a Lora Shield receiving data and it was handled by an Uno that was outputting the packet data to and LCD, I wanted to move from LCD to IOT to view the data.
I purchased a Wemos D1 R32 hoping I could swap out the uno add in the thinger code (tested independently on an ESP8266)and get up and running but the packet data isn’t being received from the Lora which I can only assume is because the pins it was using on the uno aren’t available on the Wemos board.
And I do not have the skills to probe around the board and determine what pins to swap etc;

So in summary;

I have a Lora Reciever outputting data to an LCD via an Uno, I want to send the data to thinger rather than LCD. However the uno doesn’t have WiFi and any alternative module requires pin mapping. (Or at least I think it does).

I have an ESP8266, an ESP-01, an Uno and a Wemos D1 R32. And a fairly green skill set, which would be your option.




What I would do is to try to connect the LORA module to the ESP8266, as it is a better uC than the Arduino UNO.

If you dont know how to do it, and want to invest some time on this, would recommend to ask into the arduino forum (, there are many developers and makers there that surely have had the same need, once it is working we can help you to make it interact with thinger platform.

You can connect an arduino across the esp12, as another user did, here are few details how to:

I am so sorry that I cant give you more help, but sadly I have no experience with the shield, nor the connection mode, neither have the devices to give it a try.

Hope this helps.