Unable to select desired timestamp range in Bucket Data Clear, 5.3.3-beta

Hi, one sensor I’m testing reported some invalid values that got stored in a data bucket. I’m trying to delete it from bucket and I find the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields do not allow me specify any time past 11:59AM (in my case I want to enter from 15:49 to 15:50). It does not matter if I use the date pick UI or type it in. I’m using the public instance, version 5.3.3-beta.

I think I should be able to select time in 24h format, or to add a AM/PM selection.

Is there a way I can specify a time stamp such as “02/08/2023 15:49” ?

This image shows what I’m referring to, notice the selection options for hour goes from 12 to 01. There are options only from 01 to 12.


I just tried the same and I got the fields without issues

I would try with another browser just in case.

Thanks for checking on this, EGA. With your information, I dug a bit more, and I think I found what is causing the issue for me.

It appears that in the case of Chrome/Edge browsers, the UI will get the date/time regional settings format as defined in the OS (in my case, Windows 10). I had done some customization in my regional settings, and for some reason, the fields to display AM or PM were not set. Once set, I was able to select AM or PM in the date/time selection box.

For reference, these settings can be accessed from Control Panel → Region → Additional Settings → Time tab, fields “AM Symbol” and “PM Symbol.” In my case, these fields were blank when I had the issue. Here is a screenshot:

On a side note, the Start/End time works differently in Firefox, and it was showing AM/PM regardless of the overrides in Regional Settings.