Unable to make "MQTT.fx" Connection to "Thinger.io"


I am referring to the steps in the Documentation MQTT Clients page

I added a Device and configured it as follows :
Device Type : MQTT Device
Device ID : CP1
Device Credentials : $FhNrTapeWRsLttE

Using MQTT.fx client I attempt to connect as follows :

Profile Name : Thinger ( client-specific alias name for the connection )
Profile Type : MQTT Broker
Broker address : acme.aws.thinger.io
Broker Port : 1883
Client ID : CP1
Connection Timeout : 30
Keep Alive Interval : 60
Clean Session/Clean Start : Checked
Auto-Reconnect : Unchecked
Max Infilght : 10
MQTT Version : 3.1.1
User Credentials
Use Username/Password : Checked
User Name : NereusF (my Thinger user account ID)
Password : $FhNrTapeWRsLttE (from Device Credentials above)

On Clicking “Connect”, I get a pop-dialog :
“Broker connection is disconnected. java.net.UnknownHostException : no such host is known (acme_aws_thinger_io)” - dots replaced with underscores to enable posting to this forum

Retrying using
Broker address : acme.thinger.io
On Clicking “Connect”, I get a pop-dialog :
“Broker connection is disconnected. NOT_AUTHORIZED”

Requesting you to kindly point to what I am missing.

I need to verify basic MQTT connectivity, before I proceed with the embedded system implementation using STM32F105 and Quectel EC25 AT Commands for MQTT/HTTP(S)


Hi, the acme.thinger.io hostname is used for client testing, but I don’t see your user “NereusF” registered there. Did you requested access to this server?

Hi Alvaro,

I was working in https://console.thinger.io/
After receiving your message, I tried to create an account on acme.thinger.io but it fails with… Error: public signup is not allowed on this server.
Am I eligible to work on this server with a Free Account? If yes, please point to the instructions to create an account.

Thanks a lot for your response.

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Hello Alvaro and NereusF

Facing the same issue than NereusF. Get Error: public signup is not allowed on this server .
I’m wondering the same. Is this a service aim to the public? Can I create a free account for testing purposes? If yes, how can I create one.

Thanks in advance


I’m facing the same issue.
Can you please clarify if a free account can connect an MQTT client device?
If yes, please clarify the acme.thinger.io broker connection/account issue.

Thanks in advance…