Ultrasonic sensor data to thinger using raspberry pi

How can I sent data from ultrasonic sensor to the thinger.io using raspberry pi.
Need a help please as soon as posssible.

Thank yoyu

Hello @Suraj_Upadhyaya

Why don’t you use an Arduino ESP8266 or similar? It’s going to be much easier.

In order to help you could be great to know a little more about the problem you have, the status of your project, if you know anything about how to do that or you are a complete beginner.

Please take a look at Thinger.io documentation:
how to use the web console features: http://docs.thinger.io/console/
Raspberry pi software client: http://docs.thinger.io/linux/
coding documentation (it is explained or Arduino but you can call the same instructions in the Rasberry): http://docs.thinger.io/arduino/#coding

Hope it helps