TTN v3 integration?

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With TTN v2, there was the HTTP integration that we could use to connect uplinks to Now, with the v3 version, there is no HTTP integration:

What’s the best way to integrate TTN v3 in


@alvarolb : any update in the documentation for this?
Should we work with webhooks?
Should we configure the MQTT server?

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Hi @gus, I think the way to go is using Webhooks, for sure you can call API rest from them.

However, TTN v3 is not compatible with our TTN plugin, as the payload changed between protocols. So, we are working on a new plugin supporting TTNv3. Will be released this week.

Hi @alvarolb

Any update on this plugin?

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It should be available this week, probably Thursday.

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Hi @gus,

today we have released an initial version for TTN v3 integration. It is called “The Things Stack”. It is a first release (we have to document it but it is quite similar to TTN v2), so, let me know if you find any problem.

Hi Alvaro

I replied via my mail, but i don’t know if you receive those updates, as i don’t see the messages here in the platform.

So I configured today 8 new devices on the TTN v3, and i added the integration.

  1. While the integration seems to work, adding a new application in the plugin doesn’t save:
    When i click create & save, switch to another tab, then go back to the plugin, the application is gone.


All saved, then refresh the page:


  1. The buckets & devices created have as a ‘Device ID’ the ‘DevEUI’ from TTN, and as a ‘device name’ the ‘Device ID’ from TTN.

Is this as designed?

Since in my opinion it would be good to have the ‘Device ID’ from = ‘Device ID’ from TTN & ‘Device Name’ from = ‘End Device Name’ from TTN.
(The 2 top devices are created from TTN v2, the 3rd is created from TTN v3)

Looking forward to your feedback!