TTN HTTP integration for Lora Devices

Hi all!

I setup a LoRa device via a gateway in a TTN application. I created a application (with the same name) in the TTN plugin and copied the uplink URL & auth header in the TTN HTTP integration tool.

Data is coming in on the TTN platform, but there is no device/bucket created on the platform. For another device, this previously worked.

Can somebody help pointing where i can debug/troubleshoot?



It seems that using the Device Identifier Prefix & Bucket Identifier Prefix prevented the device/bucket to be created. when i leave it blank, all works just fine.

what’s the reason for this?

Hi @gus, how long the device identifier is?

Hi, i tried it with ‘ttn_becox_’. Was that too long?

This is 10 char length, and how long is the device identifier from TTN?

device id is 25chars.

Here it is the problem then. Current device ids are limited to 32 characteres.

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