Trying to add a property: unauthorized?

I am trying to add a device property manually from

The property is Setup and contains

    "EventTreshold": 58,
    "ListenTime": 20,
    "LowerDB": 31,
    "MaxExcTime": 80,
    "MeasTreshold": 55,
    "MinExcTime": 20,
    "NATTreshold": 58,
    "UpperDB": 88,
    "windLimit": 15,
    "WiFi timeout": 300,
    "OpenWeatherMapId" : "7f02173c19eed016c4797f4ca4251fcc",
    "OpenWeatherMapLoc" : "2876401",
    "OpenWeatherMapLang" : "DE",
    "OpenWeatherMapSys" : "metric"   

The answer is always
How can that be avoided?

Thank you for your advice.

“WiFi timeout” - > WiFiTimeout or WiFi_timeout

Hi @rin67630, I have no problems with your payload:

Is it possible that you spent a lot of time on the configuration, causing the session to expire? You can try to refresh the browser and try it again.

It works now !
That could have been due to my crappy internet connection (im am located in digitally underdevelopped Germany).

Oh yes, WiFiTimeout should be in one word, of course !

So now i can standardize my device configuration too.
You create at your device, create a “setup” property and have all your operative parameters there, instead of hard-flashing them in the code.
Combined with the PythonFlasher to patch the credentials, I can now distribute binaries that must not be compiled by the user.

With the huge advantage, that you can change the parameters right from Thinger and just reboot !

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