Trouble selecting resources in dashboard widget

I have a device connected, and it shows connected in the devices list. However,

  1. I can’t access the API Explorer (it shows is it connected? message).

  2. Trying to add a widget in the dashboard, but after selecting the device, it does not come up with a resource list. This happens randomly. Sometimes, I can and sometimes I can’t.

  3. Previously added widgets are working fine and showing sensor data correctly.

Any idea what is going wrong? This is really hampering our IoT development.


Hello @samudra_gupta,

We need additional information, please add this parameter in the first line of you code and open a serial port:

#define _DEBUG_

Then copy the [NETWORK] traze and paste it here in order to provide us a way to understand the behavior of your device.

Could be great if you copy here your code too, because it is probably that the problem is just there.


With DEBUG on, I notice this that whenever I am trying to configure the widget I see the following
[THINGER] Available bytes: 14
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 32 [FAIL]
[THINGER] Expected:32
[THINGER] Wrote:0
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 32 [FAIL]
[THINGER] Expected:32
[THINGER] Wrote:0
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 5 [FAIL]
[THINGER] Expected:5
[THINGER] Wrote:0

Whereas normally when it is regularly transmitting sensor data it gives out the following log

[_SOCKET] Connecting to
[_SOCKET] Using secure TLS/SSL connection: no
[_SOCKET] Connected!
[THINGER] Authenticating. User: dm Device: IP01
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 27 [OK]
[THINGER] Authenticated
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 41 [OK]

And occassionally I see this also and the dashboard shows no data when this happens
[THINGER] Available bytes: 29
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 8 [OK]
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 50 [FAIL]
[THINGER] Expected:50
[THINGER] Wrote:0
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 40 [FAIL]
[THINGER] Expected:40
[THINGER] Wrote:0

Hello @samudra_gupta,

need to see the code to try to help you

this is the code—the troubles are

  1. Now I go to Device API, I see in_out in there but no textbox to input data or to show output.
    I am using TinyGSM with SIM800L module.

  2. The network log shows the same type of FAIL as I had given earlier in the post.

#define _DEBUG_

#include <TinyGsmClient.h>
#include <ThingerTinyGSM.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <timer.h>
SoftwareSerial gsmChannel(10, 11); //rx, tx
TinyGsm modem(gsmChannel);
ThingerTinyGSM thing("dm", "IP01", "12345678", gsmChannel);
const char apn[]  = "";

auto timer = timer_create_default(); // create a timer with default settings
Timer<> default_timer; // save as above

void setup() {
  //new Iot setup
   timer.every(500, da);
   timer.every(1000, ma);


  for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {


  ////////Serial.println("SEARCHING CONTACT..");

  //set up thinger
  thing.setAPN(apn, "", "");

  //input controls
     thing["balance"] = [](pson& in, pson& out){
        out["currBalance"] = getBalance(in);

    thing["in_out"] = [](pson& in, pson& out){
    out["sum"] = (int)in["value1"] + (int)in["value2"];
    out["mult"] = (int)in["value1"] * (int)in["value2"];
  //set up complete
  //isSetupComplete = true;
  Serial.println("****SET UP NOW COMPLETE***");


void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


String getBalance(String provider){
  String s = modem.sendUSSD("*123*#");
  return s;

void da(){
  return true;

void ma(){
  return true;