Triggers and actions

I’ve just started out with this software.
So many options.
It appears that it can capture data.display data.
What is the point if it can’t act on the data?


Of course you can act on the data, by the NodeRED plugin you may analize it to set and trigger alarms to be sent by email, as example.

You can code your device to act according the measured data (as trigger a relay), and update the thereshold values by the cloud.

Specifically what you want to do?


If I try to install nodered plugin it gives error.
I think it’s only available for paid account.
I’m using the free account of thinger io.

I have 4 ds1820 sensors. And four relays controlling propagators.

They need to be controlled to a set temperature.
Also notify when they exceed temperature.


You are right, the node red plugin is not available at the free community server, it handles too many users simultaneously and its resources cannot handle the node red plugin additionaly.

Ok I understand what you need to do, you need to code that control philosophy at the end device, and you may set an endpoint to send the notification when any threshold is reached.

Hope this helps.